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Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world with 95% of the websites using it globally 🌍 in one form of the other. Javascript began as a "UI glue" and managed to turn into an eco-system where developers can use it within the leading MVC/MVVM frameworks, server side and also build mobile applications using it, turning Javascript into a widely commercial language 💵. Developers starting off with Javascript today can easily get overwhelmed in terms of content and the right learning path so they can cover the nitty-gritty of the language and also begin learning the frameworks comprising of it. If you find yourself in the same spot then don't worry, we have got your back! Introduction to Javascript will help you comprehend the syntax and fundamentals of Javascript. This course has been designed to be short, precise and straightforward and demands basic programming knowledge. Moreover, the course also equips you with the necessary concepts to declutter the interview questions in order to land the web development jobs 🔥.

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In this introductory course, Awais will take you through the fundamentals and basic concepts surrounding the popular programming language. The course is divided into separate modules for your ease and understanding. By the end of this course you will be able to apply basic JavaScript concepts. Good luck!

  • Course Introduction 3min 31sec

👇 Dive straight into learning: • The history of JavaScript. Awais will walk you though the language's previous iterations like ECMA-262, ECMAScript 3.1 and then more recent iterations. Moreover, Netscape will be discussed - how it came up with JS & changed the landscape of internet browsing and functionality. • About Javascript being a dynamically typed language and the data types it provides and how to determine those while writing scripts and using variables. • The behavior of JavaScript variables in global and local context, plus how it can be refrained. • About the hoisting of declared variables and how that can cause certain issues while writing scripts.

  • 1. History Of Javascript 10min 47sec
  • 2. Developer Console 2min 1sec
  • 3. Data Types & Variables 4min 59sec
  • 4. Data Types & Variables II 6min 13sec
  • 5. Data Types & Variables III 2min 14sec
  • 6. Data Types & Variables IV 6min 53sec

The following will be covered in this module: • Looking into tricky questions and how they reflect the limitations of Javascript. These practice questions will help build confidence regarding certain practice questions and how to approach them. • Dive into the equality algorithm used by Javascript, stated within the ECMA-262. • Conditional statements & switch statements: see different cases and relate each of them together in terms of readability improvements and efficiency of execution. • Lastly, review the different types of looping statements and the syntax to adopt while writing scripts.

  • 1. Practice Questions (Data Types & Variables) 20min 7sec
  • 2. Conditional Statements 5min 16sec
  • 3. Conditional Statements II 3min 4sec
  • 4. Switch Statement 4min 59sec
  • 5. Looping Statements 5min 19sec

The following will be covered on loops and arrays: • How to use the looping statements with arrays and how to iterate them using for loop. • Furthermore, Awais will discuss about manipulating arrays and the methods it provides. • How to use functions, default parameters and return specific values from the created method. • Closures and the concept underlying it, how they behave and what can the developer expect from it. • Another set of Interview/Practice questions relating to loops and arrays so that you are learning and practicing, together.

  • 1. Arrays & Looping Statements 6min 45sec
  • 2. Array Manipulation 2min 28sec
  • 3. Array Manipulation II 2min 0sec
  • 4. Functions 5min 25sec
  • 5. Closures 3min 42sec
  • 6. Practice Questions (Loops & Array) 14min 54sec

Lastly, the following will covered: • Creating and using an object, different object manipulation techniques, using function within the objects, stringifying and parsing. • Discussion on potential learning paths in JavaScript. 💹

  • 1. Objects 2min 38sec
  • 2. Objects II 2min 57sec
  • 3. Objects III 3min 12sec
  • 4. Objects IV 7min 18sec
  • 5. Practice Questions (Functions & Objects) 8min 40sec
  • What's Next? 1min 14sec
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Awais Kamran

Development Team Lead at Zameen.com

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    Great experience.

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    Finally, completed the course each concept is explained well. Really like the time flexibility of course.

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No, this course just covers conventional JavaScript concepts.

No, this course just covers conventional JavaScript concepts.

No, this course just covers conventional JavaScript concepts.

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51 enrolled on this course